The Boerboel is a large mastiff-type dog that originates from South Africa. It is believed that its origins lie in the original bull breeds that arrived in South Africa with the European Settlers and the indigenous dogs found living with the African tribes.

What is certain is that the name Boerboel was given to any number of large farm dogs that were found guarding settlers’ farms throughout the country.



The South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society (SABBS) was registered in terms of the SA Animal Improvement Act, No. 62 of 1998 (AIA) on 18 April 2012, and became operational on 2 September 2014.

The founding (mother body) of organised representation of the Boerboel breed – a declared South African landrace – was the South African Boerboel Breeders Association (SABT/SABBA) in 1983.  Since then, there have been a number of breakaway groupings.  It is hoped that the founding of SABBS will serve as conduit to unite the Boerboel community worldwide under protection of the AIA.



A good Boerboel is a confident, biddable and a loyal guard dog.  An excerpt from the breed standard states:-

  • The Boerboel is manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent with strong protective instincts. The Boerboel is self-confident and fearless.
  • Uncontrollably aggressive and fearful Boerboels are unacceptable.