If you would like to join the UKBC we can offer you lots of support and help either as a Boerboel owner or Boerboel breeder.

As a committee we have a collective knowledge of around 70 years with this beautiful breed.



All UKBC members are part of our Boerboel family, and we will be there to help and support you – whatever your Boerboel problems.

Please note that all membership fees are used to help Boerboels in need.  We use the money to pay for kennels where necessary, when dogs are abandoned; to pay for vets fees – getting dogs vaccinated and healthy as well as spaying and neutering where appropriate.



For those who wish to be part of a group of enthusiasts and help us to promote the breed in the best possible light.  You will be supported by other club members and the committee whether that’s in finding a suitable breeder or pup, or those first few months of being a Boerboel owner (“is he eating enough?, “too much?” “is this normal?”!!!).

We’ll be there to support you when things aren’t going as you planned and you need a helping hand and friendly voice.

We’ve all been there and done that and are more than happy to help others.



For those who are established breeders or who wish to become breeders we recommend joining as a Breeder Member.  In return the club will mentor you in terms of getting your dog(s) appraised, DNA tested and health tested, as well as registering your kennel name with the South African Studbook.  We will be there to help you understand what being a breeder really entails and ensure you have support when producing pups and finding suitable homes.

To become a UKBC Accredited Breeder you will need to sign our Breeder Code of Ethics.  This means that all of your breeding dogs are at least 18 months old, have acceptable hip and elbow scores (see UKBC guidelines), are free from entropion and ectropion and, to the best of the your knowledge, free from major genetic defects and of sound temperament.  Your dogs will also have passed an appraisal by one of the South African breed societies and have full registration papers.



If you wish to advertise your dog for stud then you need to sign the UKBC Code of Ethics to ensure that your boy is healthy and fit for stud!  In return we will promote your boy on our website, enable you to advertise him on our Facebook page and help and advise you in terms of mating.

Please see  UKBC Guidelines for health to see if your boy meets the grade!

For further information please email us at
UKBC Accredited breeders will also provide a comprehensive health guarantee for the puppy.