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Increasingly we are asked to help with dogs that are in need of rescue and rehome. 

If you wish to be considered to adopt a Boerboel then please complete the Prospective Boerboel Adopter form.

If you need help rehoming your Boerboel then please complete the Boerboel Rehoming Questionnaire

Once you have completed the relevant form then please email to us

Wherever possible one of the committee or members will meet and assess the dog but sometimes there simply isn't the time due to the urgency of the case.  Also, please note,  we are breed lovers and enthusiasts, not trained animal behaviourists.  We will do everything we can to ensure that all rehoming dogs are of a stable temperament and we absolutely WILL NOT RE-HOME AGGRESSIVE DOGS.  

We recommend that all prospective adopters carry out their own temperament assessment and that if they have any uncertainty they employ the services of a professional. 

The UKBC Committee (and/or any of the people dedicating their time to help the organisation to re-home Boerboels in need) cannot be held responsible for the dogs it helps to re-home.

Benson is almost 3 years old.  Sadly following a change in circumstances his owner is not able to keep him at her new home. 

Benson's owner is heartbroken to lose him and wants him to go to a home where he will be loved and cared for.  In the meantime Benson will have to go into kennels, so this is quite an urgent rehome. 
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Ruby is 2.5 years old.  Sadly she was abandoned by her owner in kennels.  He went off to Thailand on holiday and simply didn't come back.  Someone paid the kennel fees and rescued Ruby from kennels.  The whole family are now trying to find Ruby a home.

Ruby is good with people both family and strangers and okay with most other dogs. 
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Simba is just one year old.  He has been raised with kids and is a loving and playful boy.

He's good with everyone he meets and happy with other dogs.  Simba's owners have to downsize to a flat and can't keep him.
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Some of the boys and girls we've help to rehome in past couple of years...