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What should you look for in a breeder?

The Boerboel
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Before you choose a breeder, try to visit as many adult Boerboels as possible.  If you contact the club, we will try to put you in touch with people in your area.

Once you've met some Boerboels in the flesh, contact breeders to see when they will be expecting their next litter or contact the club again as we will generally know what litters are due.

Buyer Beware...

The Boerboel is not currently registered with the UK or Irish Kennel Clubs and cannot be shown in the UK.  It should be birth registered with one of the recognised South African Breed Organisations and then appraised against a breed standard once it reaches 12 months of age. 

New "registries" set up by breeders who have exhausted their relationships with the recognised registries or simply want to take more of your money, will give you paperwork that is virtually worthless.  If you intend to breed at some point you will not be able to register pups with the recognised registries and will struggle to home them.

More information about upcoming appraisals can be found on the events page.

The UKBC maintains a list of breeder members, who have signed our Breeder Code of Ethics.  This means that their breeding dogs are at least 18 months old, have acceptable hip and elbow scores (see UKBC guidelines), are free from entropion and ectropion and, to the best of the breeders' knowledge, free from major genetic defects and of sound temperament.  The dogs will also have passed an appraisal by one of the South African breed societies and have full registration papers. 

UKBC Accredited breeders will also provide a comprehensive health guarantee for the puppy.  Whilst some other breeders may do this, please take care and read this thoroughly.  An important point to note is whether an owner has to return the dog in order to be compensated for any health problem - how likely is it that you will be willing to give up your beloved companion?

If you are dealing with a breeder who has not signed the code of ethics be sure to ask them why not and whether they conform to the UKBC guidelines. You can then make an informed decision as to whether to buy.

Remember, any good breeder will:

Whichever breeder you choose, always make sure that you get a copy of the parents' registration papers and hip and elbow scores when you book your puppy so that there can be no misunderstandings.