Since 2003, the UKBC has hosted the UK’s annual SABBS (previously known as SABT) appraisal.

We aim to provide a relaxed and informal fun day where owners can bring their dogs and families and enjoy meeting other owners and breeders.



It is birth registered with SABBS (or is birth registered with another organisation AND the dog’s origins are known to SABBS) and is then appraised against a breed standard once it reaches a minimum of 12 months of age.  A dog needs to score a minimum of 75{8fcfac5645c81dc77e2f67d0fb5ae325337714f4a0b9bb806a33de36fa64d9b8} to be considered breedworthy.  Dogs can be appraised at a later age and can be reappraised as they mature.

Only once a dog is appraised as breedworthy is the dog fully registered.  Only pups from appraised and registered parents can be birth registered.  SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society) is the only organisation authorised in terms of SA Animal Improvement Act to officially register Boerboels.



SABBS / SA Studbook Annual Appraisal for UK & IrelandThe Dobermann Club Training & Showground, Hertford Road, Digswell, Herts, AL6 0BU.

The cost of having your dog appraised is £60 for non SABBS / Studbook members and £50 for members.  If you wish to have your dog appraised, please contact Tracy Lilburn at  or contact the Committee at for an application form.

This will be an all-day event and we will attempt to give you an expected time of appraisal at the time of booking, so please advise if you would prefer AM or PM when you send in your application. You will need to bring along your dog’s Birth Certificate as this is sent back to South Africa with the appraisal sheet for updating.  If you have a female that is in season, they will, unfortunately, have to wait until last as the scent in the appraisal area would be a distraction to the other dogs.