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Welcome to the website of the United Kingdom and Ireland Boerboel Club (UKBC).

The Boerboel is a large, powerful guarding breed.  Originally from South Africa, the first Boerboel litter was born in the UK in 2001.  The UKBC is the original Boerboel Club serving the United Kingdom and Ireland.  The club was established in 2003 by a group of owners and breeders with a love for the breed.  At that time only a handful of Boerboels existed in the UK and Ireland and the original committee members felt a strong need to ensure that the breed was promoted responsibly and protected, wherever possible, from unscrupulous owners and breeders.
Twelve years later the breed has grown considerably in popularity and now, more than ever, we feel that the breed needs our protection.

We aim to provide information and support to those interested in the Boerboel and to encourage the responsible development of the Boerboel as a stable, healthy dog.  We are happy to offer our help, and knowledge (gained from years of experience with the breed) to other owners and breeders and to those just starting their Boerboel journey.

2015 SABBS / SA Studbook Annual Appraisal for UK & Ireland
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